Quality Assurance Plan

M/s Mehrotra Buildcon Pvt. Ltd. is accredited with an ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certification dated 20.03.2010 by a Global Quality standards organization. SWISO based at WOHLEN, Switzerland.


  • - The excellence in execution of work is the prime motto.
  • - The motivation & drive to achieve the result within the time schedule is the resolve of management & each employee.
  • - The company strives to ensure that each job assigned is carried out strictly as per specifications.
  • - The Work is carried out efficiently in accordance to the observance of safety norms of highest order.
  • - The management maintains top most standards towards HRD matters. This has generated a dedicated team.
  • - To achieve efficacy of operation all plants and equipments have service schedule and calibrated periodically.
  • - The company believes that the environment is a unique & primary resource which must be cared for & protected.
  • - Our main motto is utmost clients’ satisfaction.

The organization assumes the responsibility to continuously improve efficiency & effectiveness of the service period, adopting the most suitable solutions, which are compatible with available resources.

M/s Mehrotra Buildcon Pvt. Ltd. Is a flagship company having group of companies under its ambit & engaged in various diversified activities.

A. M/s Mehrotra Buildcon Pvt. Ltd. Executes Turnkey Civil Construction & Infrastructure
B. M/s Safex Commercial Pvt. Ltd. Have two Subsidiaries:-

i. M/s N.K. Industries Transportation & Logistics.